AQS STRING: Semi permanent. Indoors.
SYSTEM: 10 string units synchronised to central show control system.
HEIGHT: 16 m
LOCATION: Theatre stage -Friedrichstadt-Plast
CITY:  Berlin
COUNTRY:  Germany
CLIENT: Friedrichstadt-Plast
Bespoke design consisting of 10 very flexible plastic strings with an aluminium weight at its end. Each of those strings are automatically and very precise spooled up/down by a strong winch motor which is controlled via DMX and synchronised to the central show control system. Each motor is speed controlled and positions itself at its exact location within 40 seconds. A very sophisticated water distribution system guarantees that each string is fed with the appropriate water quantity. The water is mixed with Uranin and lights up fluorescing. Part of the project was an elaborate water treatment and storage system, a strong pump and a tight water distribution system to each of the strings.

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